From League of Legends to Valorant,
Riot Games has always been with the players,
striving to develop the global gaming culture.
Now, we present Riot Arcade,
a space for travelers
who pass through Incheon Airport.
Like travel itself,
Riot Arcade is full of excitement and joy.
And here you can explore the diverse universe
created by Riot Games.
Begin your journey ahead of time
with Riot Games while you wait for your flight.


Fist Gate

Riot's fist-shaped logo stands for innovation that breaks through all limits. The boarding pass you received at the entrance is a ticket to Riot Arcade, designed with the Riot Games logo as its theme. You can use the boarding pass to enjoy the attractions at Riot Arcade and collect gifts.

Players’ Lounge

The excitement of traveling can be compared to a new game that you play. In case you need a rest before you set out to own the game, take this chance to get immersed into the amazing cinematics our team prepared.

Legend Arena

You can visit Summoner's Rift even at Incheon Airport. If you want to get a couple games in before your flight, you are free to play League of Legends here or complete missions we've prepared for a chance to win gifts that will accompany you in your journey.

Yuumi's Photo Booth

Our Magical Cat, Yuumi, is always curious about your journey! Take pictures of your experience at Riot Arcade and make memories to remember as the best support Yuumi tells your fortune.

Agents’ Arena

Valorant is set in a mirrorverse where agents with paranormal powers battle forces from another Earth.
There is a good chance that you are the best Valorant player on the other Earth. Agents at Riot Arcade will guide you as you play Valorant.

Shooter’s Instinct

Each and every Valorant player is a sharpshooter. Enter The Range, where the quickest reflex and decision-making are necessities. Show off your instinctive reflex and aim, and we will keep track of your record score. Aim high, and you may just earn the best prize.

Mobile Game

Experience TFT Hyper Roll mode at Incheon Airport. How about eliminating boredom with a quick game before your flight? Challenge yourself for a victory with free play and take home exclusive Riot Arcade goods.

Poro Station

Always by the side of League of Legends players, Poros are Riot’s longest-standing mascots. Can you hear their bellies rumbling? They desperately need you to fetch the snax. To make the Poros visiting Incheon Airport happy, you must swipe the inedible items with your hands and leave only the snax.

Hextech Bar

Perhaps you've already noticed; Riot Arcade is driven by Hextech. This magic-infused technology facilitates the exploring of the Riot Games universe.
Piltovan bartenders, from the City of Hextech, are tasked with introducing Riot's mobile games as well as rewarding you for completing various missions on your boarding pass.
Play the wide array of mobile games including <League of Legends: Wild Rift>, <Legends of Runeterra>, and <Teamfight Tactics Mobile> directly in your hands.

Download on the APP Store Get it on Play Store
Download on the APP Store Get it on Play Store
Download on the APP Store Get it on Play Store

Art Collaboration

Riot Games Korea has collaborated with a number of artists, and this time, Riot Arcade at Incheon Airport features the works of GRAFFLEX. Meet 30+ popular League of Legends champions reborn as pixel art in the hands of the artist.
Build a totem with your favorite champion stools or even sit on them to be a part of the artwork yourself. Be it pictures or some rest, you can take whichever you like.

Rift News Live

Have you ever wondered how many people around the world are playing League of Legends? Have you ever wondered whose win rate is higher between Yasuo or Yone? Or why the Rift packed with Teemo’s mushrooms? Well, Rift News brings you the real-time data for any questions you might have had during your games of League. Along with the information, we have selections from Riot Music that will add more flavor to your travel.


Collect stamps on the back of your boarding pass from all five zones
to complete the illustration, and earn a bottle of
Freljordian glacial meltwater.

Stamps can be found at the marked locations.

Stamp Mission Reward


If you want a better challenge than simply collecting stamps, don’t worry.
There are Game Missions that you can complete by
playing Riot’s games, and they will even reward you based on your skills. Go on and enrich your journey with these useful gifts.

Just Enjoying the Game


  • Reward
  • League of Legends
    31 CS in 5 minutes
  • Valorant
    Destroy 24 out of 30 bots

Above Average

Good Player

  • Reward
    Luggage Tags
  • League of Legends
    32 CS in 5 minutes
  • Valorant
    Destroy 26 out of 30 bots

Top 1% Legend

Best Player

  • Reward
    Passport Cover
  • League of Legends
    33 CS in 5 minutes
  • Valorant
    Destroy 28 out of 30 bots

Duplicate rewards are not available. One of each reward may be won.
Rewards are limited to 1 bottled water, 1 luggage tag, and 1 passport case per individual.

let’s begin the journey!